Baby Carriers: Baby Gear That Lets Dads Get Fit & Bond With Their Babies by Anthony Jones

6 years ago

Baby Carriers: Baby Gear That Lets Dads Get Fit & Bond With Their Babies

One of the best purchases I can recommend has to be the baby carrier. It's been great to walk and bond with my baby. My baby loves the time spent in it!

  • We go out two to three times a week and my closeness to my baby encourages her to relax and subsequently to dose off to sleep.
  • The other advantage is that it frees my hands up, and we have used that to great effect while in the house.

We didn't have a carrier with our other children, but can safely say I am its biggest fan and a convert to baby carrying. 

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Elisa Schmitz
Yes! Our baby carrier saved my life a few times, LOL. Thank you for sharing this, Anthony Jones . Welcome to our tribe and we look forward to more of your tips!
Mike Prochaska
Great tip and I just wanted to welcome you to the club!

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