Dad, Do You Play Enough With Your Kids? No? Here's Something to Think About by Abraham Alarcon

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2 years ago

Dad, Do You Play Enough With Your Kids? No? Here's Something to Think About

I don’t play enough with my kids. Why? Because:

A. I am doing my own thing.

B. I am too busy working. 

C. I don’t like what they are asking me to play.

D. I am too tired. 

E. I am too lazy to play. 

F. All of the above.

My choice is letter F. And this happens because it all comes down to choice. I choose not to play with them and that’s the bottom line. No, I am not being hard on myself; just direct. Dads have no excuse in the world to not play with their children.

Look at the first word in all the options from A through E – they all begin with the letter “I." And let me say that when your child asks you, “Papi (Spanish for Daddy), can you play with me?” She or he is thinking of getting away from the “I” and engaging you into a “we.” Children thrive in relationships. Play is one powerful way they build these lifelong relationships with caregivers and siblings.

Too often, dads like me want to do and accomplish a lot so we can provide for our family, secure their future and create a safe and loving home. Dads dedicate lots of time to their professional work and future endeavors and, because of this, they may miss key milestones in their children’s lives.

Maybe it's time to set aside some time to play?

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Elisa Schmitz
Excellent points, Abraham Alarcon ! We all need to strive to play more with our kids. You are so right, kids thrive on play and building the relationship through activities. And we adults benefit from play as well. Welcome to our #30Seconds tribe. We are excited to learn and grow with you. Thank you, Mike Prochaska , for encouraging Abe to join us!
Abraham Alarcon
Thank you Elisa! Through that play time with our children we can build healthy and happy relationships tat will last a lifetime and help us build some wonderful memories. Glad to be part of this "tribe" and yes, gotta thank Mike Prochaska.
Ann Marie Patitucci
Thank you for sharing this with us, Abraham Alarcon ! Welcome to our tribe!
Michael Kennedy
1000% agree.
You can't rewind the clock ...and wow, does time fly by.
Play happily and often.
Rachel W. Lewter
This should be in a Daddy handbook given out BEFORE children are born.
Always when time allows.

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