Preparing for an Emergency: How to Make Grab 'n Go Bags for Emergency Situations! by Tiffany Zook

4 years ago
Preparing for an Emergency: How to Make Grab 'n Go Bags for Emergency Situations!

In the face of an emergency, it’s difficult to think clearly and know what to pack. Creating grab ‘n go bags (aka “bug out bags”) is the perfect solution for emergency preparedness. Have the family help and talk though the plan together. Here are a few tips to help you get organized before inclement weather or another type of emergency strikes:

  • Create a family communication plan. Cell phones are great to store phone numbers, but in a power failure, you’ll need access to those digits. Write down contact info for family, friends, emergency agencies and seal in a plastic zipper bag.
  • Add copies of birth certificates, social security cards, titles, insurance, etc.
  • Pack a backpack for each member in the family. Include comfortable change of clothes, flashlight, extra medications, whistle, first aid kit, water, hygiene and sanitation items, and non-perishable foods or snacks.
  • Get or make “OK” and “Help” signs.
  • Pack essential items specific to infants, toddlers and senior citizens.
  • Put all of the bags, including a lightweight tent, together in a place easy to grab. and have great checklists and plans to help you prep.

Don’t wait, you’ll sleep better knowing you're ahead of the game.

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Marge Jesberger
I took your advice and packing a survival kit. Not as elaborate as yours but a good first step.

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