Donald Trump's Border Wall: 10 Things to Use the Money for Instead by Mike Prochaska

10 months ago
Donald Trump's Border Wall: 10 Things to Use the Money for Instead

What do you tell your kids about President Donald Trump? I normally don’t write about things like this, but honestly, what do we tell our children about our President? He’s supposed to be the leader of our country, but he’s acting like an adult toddler fighting with a foreign leader about whose red button is bigger and he wants to build a giant wall on the border of the United States to keep people out.

Donald Trump just asked for $25 Billion to build his border wall. I can think of a hundred better things we can do with $25 Billion than build a giant wall across America that won’t do anything! And I don’t want to keep people out of our country. America was built on immigrants who fled their home country and came here hoping to build a better life for themselves and their families. Let’s use that $25 Billion to make our country great again. Here are some ideas from an article on Daily Kos and some of mine:

  • Provide clean drinking water to the entire planet.
  • Begin to end world hunger.
  • Homelessness could be effectively eradicated in the U.S. at an annual cost of about $20 billion.
  • Plant a tree for 324,420,00 people who live in the USA.
  • At $50,000 per year, we could hire 50,000 teachers for 10 years. 
  • Run fiber Internet connections to 8.3 million households, at an estimated $3,000 per home.
  • Power more than 700,000 homes with solar energy.
  • Build 294,000 homes and end homelessness for families in America. A Habitat for Humanity house averages $85,000 to build. With $25 billion, we could build more than 294,000 houses.
  • Provide 35.7 million laptops to our kids and whoever needs them.  At a cost of $700 each, we could provide PC laptops to 35.7 million people. 
  • Build a personal playground for every child in America.

Do you think we should build a wall? If not, what would you do with the money?

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Renee Herren
Like you, I can think of a hundred different ways to spend 25 billion dollars that can impact our country and our world in a POSITIVE way. Put a book in every child’s hand, help those with disabilities to learn valuable skills to assist them in earning a living and being more independent, providing research based interventions for teachers who need them to help students reach their potential, build community centers...No. I do not think we should enemies consider building a wall.
Mike Prochaska
Yes so many positive things can do.
Donna John
I agree 100 percent, Mike Prochaska . The list is endless of good things we can do with that much money in this world -- right here at home. Let's hope the right people realize that before it's too late.

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