Theory of Multiple Intelligences: Knowing the Type of Learner Your Child Is Can Help Them Grow by Tales from Classroom

2 years ago

Theory of Multiple Intelligences: Knowing the Type of Learner Your Child Is Can Help Them Grow

As a teacher educator who teaches the introductory class on how to be a teacher, one of the first things I teach my students is known as the theory of multiple intelligences, put forth by Harvard professor Howard Gardner. This idea, widely accepted in education, simply states that we all learn in different ways, that we have proclivities towards some over others and that they are all important (and able to be developed).

Knowing this theory can not only help parents work with their children, but also empowers the kids themselves. For example, if we know a child learns well by doing something with their hands, we may not want to rely on verbal instruction/explanation, but rather try to get them doing something to help them comprehend. The intelligences have evolved over time, but here is a list of what I consider the seminal ones and how you might use them when working with your child:

  • Linguistic – use words/language to help them
  • Logical/Mathematical – use numbers or math concepts
  • Spatial – use visuals/pictures
  • Musical – use music, lyrics, rhyme
  • Kinesthetic – get them moving, using their hands, etc.

By Bradley Conrad, Ph.D., Capital University 

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Mike Prochaska
Yes have to always remember there are lots of different ways kids learn and so teachers Have to teacher lots of different ways for different learners.
Tales from Classroom
Yes! That's absolutely true.
Elisa Schmitz
Fascinating stuff here, Tales from the Classroom . One of my kids' teachers once told me, "I can't change my teaching style to accommodate a specific child." I was pretty startled by that.
Tales from Classroom
You were absolutely right to be startled. Speaking plainly, any teacher who would espouse that is not good at their job and should seek employment in another field.
Mike Prochaska
I agree with you. Teacher sounds burned out
Elisa Schmitz
Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I was pretty upset at the time, and moreso with the administration, which backed the teacher and did not advocate for the student. It’s a private school, so not much we could do. Thankfully, it was near the end of our time at that school. So appreciate your perspective, Tales from the Classroom ! Mike Prochaska Tales from Classroom

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