Privacy for Parents? Please. Do Your Kids Follow You to the Bathroom, Too? by Mike Prochaska

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6 years ago

Privacy for Parents? Please. Do Your Kids Follow You to the Bathroom, Too?

One of the advantages of going back to work is at work you get to go to the bathroom by yourself. Do your kids follow you everywhere? Mine do most of the time! And if you have small children, you know they like to follow you into the bathroom!

How many times at home do you try to escape to the bathroom for five minutes, but there’s a troop of kids following you with a ton of questions and toys? They follow us to the bathroom not to invade our privacy, but because they just like being with us. I remember when my son was little he would climb in the cabinet under the sink while I was in the bathroom.

And why do the kids need something the minute I walk into the bathroom? They’re playing nicely so I try to escape for few minutes because I need to pee. That very minute they need something from me. Do we have some kind of sensor that tells them Dad is busy right now?

How hard is it to ask Mom for a drink when she standing in the kitchen? No, instead my son goes on a secret covert mission to find me upstairs instead of asking his mom who standing right there and is just as capable as me to open the fridge and pour him a glass of milk. Better yet, use his self-help skills and climb onto the counter and get his own cup and pour his own milk. 

So, yes, the first thing I do when get it work is enjoy the fact I can use the bathroom without a troop of kiddos looking for me. But I’m not going to lie, it’s weird not having them there asking me a hundred questions.

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Donna John
Yes! When I'd lock the door, mine would stick their little fingers under the door. I kind of miss those days! :-) Mike Prochaska
Mike Prochaska
Mine banged on the door until it opened. Lol
Elisa Schmitz
Haha, I remember those days well, Mike Prochaska . Kids don’t understand the concept of personal space!!

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Privacy for Parents? Please. Do Your Kids Follow You to the Bathroom, Too?