Organizing Christmas Lights: How Do You Keep Your Holiday Lights Organized? by Mike Prochaska

2 years ago
Organizing Christmas Lights: How Do You Keep Your Holiday Lights Organized?

There has got to be a better way to organize Christmas lights. I have them all in different plastic bags inside a giant tub in the basement and they still got all tangled up.

I spent four hours untangling Christmas lights and trying to figure out if they still work. Don’t you hate it when only half the strand works or you think they work and they start flickering on and off? And what about those Christmas light bulb fixer machines they sell at Home Depot? Is it really worth paying 20 bucks for it? Just throw out the lights and get a new strand!

I should just throw them all out at the end of Christmas season and buy new ones. How do you keep your Christmas lights organized?

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Donna John
The lights we buy come on spools. We just wind them back up on the spool when we take them down. With the lights for my Christmas tree, I wind them into balls and keep them in a box with my ornaments. Seems to work fine. Good luck, Mike Prochaska ! It's a challenge we all face. :-)
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
'Tis definitely a problem this time of year, Mike Prochaska ! I do what Donna John does - wind them into circles - and then I put each strand individually into plastic bags (like grocery or food storage bags). Then I put them all in a bin. And, they seem to be fairly easy to unroll this way. I think when I don't put them in individual bags, that's when they are more likely to get impossibly tangled!
Mike Prochaska
lol I spent an entire day unpacking the bin . But it done and over for year. This weekend we go get our tree

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