Daddy Predicaments: When One Kid Is Done Exploring at Playtime & One Isn’t by Brian Mackenzie

Fun With Dad
6 years ago

So, clearly I couldn’t leave one kid on the bench on the bike path and continue on another adventure trail into the woods with the other one. So what’s a dad to do? There’s a whole bunch of sticks to slow him down … send him into the woods (which you know look a whole lot bigger to him) and he'll be in there for a while, exploring and problem solving.

This was an exciting opportunity for me to just send him off to be alone on his own. (I could always hear him and could see him from time to time.) But if you look in the video, you can see he kinda thinks, “Oh, OK. I’ll go by myself…” So I quickly made it “dad and son” time while remaining still kind of close to the other kid by simply saying, “I’ll film you!”

More one-kid adventures are going to be happening, but when we’re all together, I didn’t want the adventure to end “because of his little sister.” I also didn’t want to drag her along when she was done.

I opted for winter boots for this adventure (I wasn’t sure if there would be snow on the ground in the trees) and they were like two anchors on her feet, which also got tangled in the low-lying twigs and branches and whatnot.

This video is longer than 30 seconds, but we think it's worth it.

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Mike Prochaska
Kids playing with sticks don’t get any better then that
Mike Prochaska
Another great video dude! Love it
Elisa Schmitz
What great exploration! Great video. I love how you "solved" this dilemma, Brian Mackenzie . And I am still LOL about the poop!! #haha
Brian Mackenzie
it's all about the poop! (i'll post shorter videos! NOW i get that whole 30 seconds thing :D )
Mike Prochaska
I still haven’t figured out the whole videos things
Elisa Schmitz
Loving your videos! Share away!! :-) Brian Mackenzie Mike Prochaska - we can use actual video, YouTube video, Facebook Live, etc. It's fun!
Mike Prochaska
Nice I didn’t know u could use you tube videos that awesome and I can’t wait to see video about poop!! Lol

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