Holiday & Every Day Kindness: Always Be Kind & Be the One Who Smiles! by B.I. Mansour

4 months ago
Holiday & Every Day Kindness: Always Be Kind & Be the One Who Smiles!

My kids love watching the garbage truck. They race to the front door as they hear it making its way to our house. It sounds silly, but this simple joy puts a smile on their faces, and the face of the driver as he sees their excitement.

As you go through your day, especially during this holiday season, be joy for everyone around you. Chances are, you are going to interact with a lot of people in the service industry (retail, restaurant, hospitality). And chances are those people have met a lot of less-than-grateful patrons. Be the one who smiles. Be the one who makes their day better, simply by being excited to enjoy your day!

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Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
What a wonderful perspective, and an important reminder. Thank you, B.I. Mansour !
Mike Prochaska
Yes a smile goes a long way. I been on the service end it SUcks

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