Parents: Don't Put Your Phone Away When You're With the Kids! Let Me Explain... by B.I. Mansour

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6 years ago

Parents: Don't Put Your Phone Away When You're With the Kids! Let Me Explain...

Parents: Don't put your phone away when you're with your kids. Let me clarify. By phone, I mean the camera. Technology has allowed us to carry our cameras, computers, faxes, dictionaries, encyclopedias... The list goes on and on, all in one device. Unfortunately, all that means many more distractions. While I am very intentional about living life with them, I refuse to leave my phone at home or in the car. Here's why:

  • I want to celebrate them. My kids do some pretty amazing things. They are fearless. So, I want to shout them out when they accomplish a significant feat.
  • My kids are hilarious! While most parents feel this way about their own, my completely biased opinion has proven that my kids are some of the funniest on the planet. Why not share these moments of joy with the world, if it can put a smile on someone else's face?
  • I am terrified. It seems like every day, I struggle to remember something one of my children said or did, years or even months before. The way they mispronounced spaghetti. The way they always walk on their tip toes as a toddler. They way they refer to Santa as "The Ho-ho."  

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Elisa Schmitz
I would not leave the house without my phone! In fact, a survey showed that 96% of us would go back for our phones if we forgot them. You never know when a great photo or video opp will happen with kids, B.I. Mansour ! :-)
Brian Mackenzie
i agree completely! they can also use their own memories as project files in video and photo editing...and they can study things that would have been missed...'oh...HERE'S why you tripped there!' lots of camera uses!!
Mike Prochaska
I love taking pictures of my kids at the park just don’t get lost in your phone and not play with your kids. They grow up so fast we want to remember everything.What do u think Teacher Karen Jjsmith0621 Daniel Butcher @jeffJackson @LLwalters
Mike Prochaska
And you take amazing videos of your kids at the skate park!!
Brian Mackenzie
thanks! it's like i have my own little stunt people for my videos :D
My phone doesn't leave my pocket. I never want to miss a picture opportunity. That said, you won't ever catch me on social media over playing.
Mike Prochaska
Of course becauSe like I been telling you are an awesome dad! Jjsmith0621
L. L. Walters
Love it! I would also suggest during these times to make use of another feature on your phone - if it's not an emergency - let the call go to "Voicemail". Every time your child says "Look what I can do" and you don't watch- is a missed opportunity- one you'll never get again. ;)
Jeff Jackson
My phone is next to me at all times... however, I (almost) never take a call when I'm with the little buggers, they are my top priority... I also don't try to text when I'm with them... time with them is too precious and too short...

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