Active Art: 4 Fun Painting Activities for Creative & Messy Play With Kids! by Mike Prochaska

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5 years ago
Active Art: 4 Fun Painting Activities for Creative & Messy Play With Kids!

For kids who don’t like art projects, you need more active art! Here are four fun ideas for active art: 

  • Marble painting: You’ll need a cardboard box. We use the one that chips from Sam’s Club come in. You’ll also need some paint and golf balls. Kids dip the golf balls in the paint and then put it inside the box and roll it around on a piece of paper to make different designs. I’ve never seen a child not love this project.
  • Plunger painting: With plunger painting, you have to go outside because it is messy!! You put a piece of paper on the ground or hang it on a fence and give kids a plunger to dip in the paint. Then they put it on the paper and the paint splatters everywhere making a design. Between the splatter and sound of the plunger most kids love this activity. You can do the same thing with fly squatters, too!!
  • Water bottle painting: Fill a plastic spray bottle with colored paint water. Let them spray the colored paint on paper. We normally do this in the winter outside and color the snow.
  • Foot print painting: Grab some butcher paper, let kids paint their feet and make a path on the butcher paper. How fun is that?

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