Want Your Kids to Read More This Summer? Try These 9 Creative Ideas! by Ann Marie Patitucci

5 years ago
Want Your Kids to Read More This Summer? Try These 9 Creative Ideas!

Summer vacation tends to be filled with lots of activity. This can make it all the more challenging for us to motivate our kids to read. But we want to avoid the “summer slide,” and if we make it fun, they may just choose to pick up a book. Challenge your young readers to read every day in fun ways like these: 

  • Read with a flashlight in a tent or sleeping bag.
  • Read in the bath tub with pillows (and no water).
  • Write a story and read it to the family or pet.
  • Read for 20 minutes and then draw a picture of what was read.
  • Lay down on a beach towel, put sunglasses on and read.
  • Make a boat out of a cardboard box and read in the boat.
  • Gather stuffed animals and read outside to them under a favorite tree or on a picnic blanket. Everyone loves to be read to!

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Nancy Dafoe
These are wonderful suggestions, Ann Marie. As more people turn away from books, here we have powerful ways to pull them to literature again.
Ann Marie Patitucci
Thanks, Nancy. We can only try!
Wonderful ideas! 👍

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