Makerspaces Aren't Just for Classrooms: How to Make a DIY Makerspace at Home! by Kim Kusiciel

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5 years ago
Makerspaces Aren't Just for Classrooms: How to Make a DIY Makerspace at Home!

There is a wave of excitement in American classrooms with the addition of Makerspaces making their way across the country. These dynamic and interactive classroom centers are engaging and a creative space for kids to learn how things work and to think creatively. It's all about a growth mindset where failure is a catalyst for success when it comes to taking chances by designing and making something new! But don't let your child's teacher take all the credit, make one at home! Parent supervision and a dedicated space are required for some "making." Here are some free or low-cost supplies to stock your at-home Makerspace. (Tip: Don't spend money on something unless you have a specific use for it!)

You can find lots of resources and ideas for how to use these supplies online if you aren't sure where to start. Make away!!

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
This is a fabulous idea! I want one, Kim Kusiciel ! 💗
Ann Marie Patitucci
I love this tip, Kim Kusiciel, and I love this educational trend, too!
Donna John
This tip made me think about you, Mike Prochaska . Do you have a makerspace in your house?
Mike Prochaska
You kidding me! My whole house a malerspace!! We have all this stuff on our art area in the kitchen. It a color drawer thing. Each drawer has a different supply and the kids know which drawers have what. I labeled them too but they already know where everything is . This the most popular activity at My house for my kids. Like some kids play with lots of toys mine do this. Make all kinds of crazy stuff. But I love it and it makes you save wierd things like thinks u never thought U keep like every card board box gets saved for kids to make something out of it and we always at the dollar store buying more tape. Tape is like gold.
Jen Imbaro
Every kid absolutely has the potential to be a maker. I love the idea of making it more formal. And yes, tape is gold!

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