A Family Who Plays Together Stays Together: 5 Easy Ways to Create a Playful Home for Your Kids by Sheryl Gould

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4 years ago

A Family Who Plays Together Stays Together: 5 Easy Ways to Create a Playful Home for Your Kids

As parents, we're so busy trying to do a good job raising our kids, we sometimes forget one of the most essential ingredients of creating a happy home: laughing and having fun together as a family. Here are a few ways to create more lightheartedness, laughter and playfulness in your home:

  • Embrace your playful self daily. Play doesn't have to be complicated. It's about how we show up. Let your hair down, be silly, play music. Have fun whatever you're doing.
  • Try humor. The next time you're stressed try something different – start to dance. Humor can be the best medicine to lighten things up!
  • Schedule play. Block your calendar for an activity everyone will enjoy.
  • Be contagious. When your having fun your family will want to join in!
  • Pick one thing that can add more fun and play into your daily life!

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Donna John
This is so important, Sheryl Gould ! But often overlooked when we get caught up in the things we "need" to do. Great reminder! Going to have to pull some of my jokes out of retirement the next time I see my kids. Knock! Knock! :-)
Sheryl Gould
Thank you Donna John . I totally agree! Or Mad Libs! Those are so fun.
Elisa Schmitz
I love the idea to start dancing when you're stressed. I'm going to try that, Sheryl Gould , thanks!
Sheryl Gould
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds - Maybe we should do that on the show on Thursday - ha ha.
Having a sense of humor really helps me!
Egan Patricia
Agree. I put music on when the children start whining (depending on why) and get up and start dancing and cleaning until they forget why and join in. I just need to remember to do this more often.
Sheryl Gould
Hi Egan Patricia - I LOVE that you do that. Thank you for commenting! It makes a huge difference when we are playful and use humor versus being negative or critical. :)
Elisa Schmitz
This is awesome, Sheryl Gould . We all need to embrace our playful selves every day! Thanks for the inspiration. xoxo

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