Sunscreen & Makeup: Why the Numbers Don't Add Up When It Comes to SPF! by Cheryl Leahy

a year ago
Sunscreen & Makeup: Why the Numbers Don't Add Up When It Comes to SPF!

Simple math would prove that 30 plus 15 equals 45, right? Not so when using sunscreen and makeup with SPF! 

  • If your sunscreen has SPF 30 and your makeup has SPF 15, your total SPF is still 30, not 45. 
  • The highest value of one product is the highest SPF you can achieve. 
  • Also, using just the SPF in your foundation is generally not enough, since most people use foundation sparingly compared to regular sunscreen. 

Your best bet? Grab a sunscreen made for the face with the highest SPF you can find. You can fake a gorgeous glow with self-tanner instead of damaging UV rays!

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