Eat Your Way to Healthy Hair: The 2 Best Foods for Lovely Locks! by Kelly Wonderlin

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7 years ago

Eat Your Way to Healthy Hair: The 2 Best Foods for Lovely Locks!

I'm always looking for easy and inexpensive ways to incorporate good products into my diet to look and feel better. Sometimes we forget to baby our hair, which is a mistake. It needs love, too! Hair is like so many other parts of the body: it requires a nutritious diet in order to be healthy. One key component to healthy hair is plenty of omega 3 fatty acids. According to WebMD, the top foods to eat for better hair are:

  • Salmon – high in protein, vitamin D and omega 3s
  • Walnuts – contain omega 3s along with biotin and vitamin E

They add up deliciously to care for your hair!

Joan Poindexter
This is great! Thanks Kelly Wonderlin! I actually love pecans and walnuts on top of my salmon with a wine vinegarette sauce! Perfect!
Donna John
Sounds yummy, Joani Plenty! Picking fish up for dinner tonight. May try that.
Elisa Schmitz
You chicas are making me hungry, Kelly Wonderlin, Joani Plenty and Donna John! What's for lunch, LOL! Good to know this is good for your hair, too!
Donna John
I'm making avocado toast. My daughter's favorite thing right now that she made for me this weekend. So easy, but so yummy! And I'm sure it's good for my hair, too. :-) Avocados rock!

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