Not Happy With Your Hair After Straightening It? 3 Flat Iron Troubleshooting Tips! by Cheryl Leahy

Hair Care
2 years ago

Do you flat iron your hair, only to get so-so results? Here are some tips!

  • Make sure to check the connection of your flat iron plates. Clamp the plates together, and check to see if a gap between the plates. If so, you will need to pinch the ends of the flat iron together as you pull the tool down your hair. 
  • Make sure to only take about an inch of hair at a time, starting an inch from the roots. 
  • In order to protect your hair, use a product designed for heat styling. 

Happy straightening!

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Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
Great tips, Cheryl Leahy ! I somehow always need to go over my hair at least twice with a flat iron to get the results I want. I think I also need to find better product to help!!

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