What Makes You Feel Like a Fashionista? Find Out & Enjoy It - Now! by Amanda Heyser

7 years ago

What Makes You Feel Like a Fashionista? Find Out & Enjoy It - Now!

What do you find hard to resist? For me, it's the sale rack in the shoe department of my favorite department store. I case it, lurking and waiting until the shoes are rock-bottom prices, then I pounce to buy the pair that caught my eye! I guess my weakness began when I was greatly overweight, because shoes were the only item that really fit me. I enjoyed the colors, styles and how they made me feel.

What item of clothing do you enjoy that makes you feel like a million bucks? Start collecting it and have fun. Don’t wait for the special occasion to bring it out – enjoy it now!

Elisa Schmitz
Yes yes yes! What is it about women and shoes, Amanda Heyser ? Totally therapeutic!
Donna John
Because my feet are so tiny and it's always been hard for me to find shoes that fit, I'd say my thing is purses. That's fashion therapy for me! Amanda Heyser

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