Need a Massage, Stat? Here's Why You Need to Find Some Tennis Balls! by Kathleen Braasch

3 years ago
Need a Massage, Stat? Here's Why You Need to Find Some Tennis Balls!

If your back hurts and you are in need of a massage but just can't go get one, you can do it yourself with two tennis balls.

  • Lie down on your carpet and place two tennis balls on either side of your spine.
  • Start rolling up and down to move the balls.
  • You may find a spot that really needs to be worked on, so roll all the way up to your neck.
  • If the pressure is too much, try the same technique but on a wall, where you can then control the pressure much better.

You may be surprised how much better you feel, and think of all the money and time you just saved!

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