What We Need Right Now Is Beauty & Hope: 3 Graces Beauty Delivers Both by 30Seconds Beauty

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3 years ago

What We Need Right Now Is Beauty & Hope: 3 Graces Beauty Delivers Both

The coronavirus pandemic has shifted the way we look at the world and, in some cases, how we look at ourselves. During these difficult times, we are struggling to find hope and beauty wherever we can. 3 Graces Beauty is a glowing reminder to find it in ourselves first, then reflect that beauty outward. 

In the midst of this uncertainty and disruption, beauty industry veteran Colleen Kirk created a dazzling brand to bring moments of serenity, hope and gratitude just when they are needed most. As co-founder of 3 Graces Beauty, Colleen is the creative force behind the first beauty brand that fuses cosmetics and skincare with messages of inspiration that are so needed right now. 

“As a makeup artist, the greatest satisfaction in my work came from showcasing the true essence and personality of each individual I worked with,” Colleen says. “You learn so much about people, and I wanted to honor all of the amazing women I have met around the globe by creating a beauty brand that encourages and inspires people like they have inspired me.”

The brand is all about daily inspiration, and each product is inscribed with an uplifting verse. Some people meditate, others pray, and still others use crystals or yoga to stay grounded and centered throughout their day. With each application of a 3 Graces Beauty product, you have an opportunity to breathe and re-connect with the message. Each verse becomes a mantra; your reflection throughout the day when you need a moment of grace.

From the gorgeous rose-gold packaging to the clean, plant-based ingredients, Colleen’s goal is to honor the full spectrum of a person’s unique beauty, inside and out. The first collection of products offered was the 3-in-1 Radiant Lip Gloss featuring vibrant color pigments with a high-shine finish, infused into a nutrient-rich lip serum. The Radiant Lip Gloss is the first lip product to feature organic moringa oil, a superfood skin ingredient. Each gloss comes wrapped with a message of inspiration as a reminder each time it's applied:

  • Speak with Kindness.
  • Do Justice. Have Mercy. Walk Humbly.
  • In Everything, Give Thanks.
  • Be Strong and Take Heart.
  • Be Joyful, in Hope.
  • Rise up. Take Courage. Do it.
  • Rejoice Today and Be Glad.

Developed from the insight gained through her years working as a global makeup artist, brand spokeswoman and creative director, Colleen hand blended each shade to look great on any skin tone. She draws each product's message from her upbringing in faith, and the words she hopes might make the biggest impact on women in her community. Using the same attention to detail, she's launching two more products, hand crafted in her Southern California lab.

The Radiant Lip Gloss collection includes sophisticated nudes, a beachy coral, a bright pink, a cheery pink-red fusion, a timeless red and a velvety plum. All the colors can be built upon to express your own individual style. The vibrant lip colors were created by selecting and mixing specially milled and highly refined cosmetic color pigments on a palette, much the same way oil paints are blended to create tones for painting a canvas. Each color was hand blended for shades that look beautiful on any skin tone.

The stunning colors are just the beginning of this nourishing lip gloss:

  • It contains intense, high-performance color pigments for staying power.
  • Has a luxurious feel and texture.
  • Delivers a beautiful, high-shine finish.
  • Provides intense nourishing, hydrating and repair ingredients for silky smooth lips.
  • Protects lips from environmental stressors.

To pair with the Radiant Lip Gloss, 3 Graces is launching Radiant Lip Scrub with the mantra, “Kind Words are Sweet for the Soul.” Described as a botanical oasis of plant-powered ingredients, the scrub is infused with organic sugar, moringa and sunflower seed oils and rosemary leaf extract. It gently exfoliates lips while it nourishes and repairs, leaving lips soft and silky smooth.

This essential lip-care product was formulated to gently exfoliate and hydrate so your lips can take full advantage of the treatment benefits found in the Radiant Lip Gloss. Using a lip exfoliator helps lip colors apply smoothly and wear better, and can be a gentle and effective way to remove lip gloss or lipstick at the end of the day. Here are more benefits when using Radiant Lip Gloss:

  • Organic cane sugar gently sweeps away dry, dead skin cells.
  • Helps condition and moisturize skin.
  • Protects lips from environmental stressors.
  • Nourishes and repairs dry, chapped and cracked lips.
  • Repair the skin’s natural barrier.
  • Improves the application of lip color and increases its staying power.

The Radiant Lip Scrub officially launches on August 14, 2020. Just for the 30Seconds community, 3 Graces Beauty is offering a 20 percent off promo code: 30SECGRACE. Use 30SECGRACE at checkout for 20 percent off your entire order!

3 Graces Beauty products are always cruelty free, paraben free, sulfate free, silicone free, fragrance free and use sustainably-sourced ingredients. The highly anticipated Restoring Facial Balm will launch shortly after. Inscribed with “Be The Light that Shines in the World,” this rich blend of French plum, moringa seed oil and sea lavender algae helps restore moisture balance, repair and illuminate. Bakuchiol, a superstar ingredient emerging as leader in pro-aging, invigorates skin cells, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles while the peptides in Matrixyl 3000TM boost the skin’s collagen matrix.

Ready to try a few 3 Graces Beauty products? Remember, you get 20 percent off your entire order by using the discount code 30SECGRACE.

For more information on 3 Graces Beauty, visit 3GracesBeauty.com

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These products look amazing. I need that lip scrub! 😘
Donna John
Living in Texas and the temps in the triple digits, my lips could definitely benefit from this sugar scrub. Love the messages of inspiration! Something we need a lot of right now. Excited to use the discount code and try and couple of these products!
With all the "maskne" I've got going on because of mask wearing, that facial balm sounds perfect. Checking this out, thank you for the discount (much needed right now)!
Elisa Schmitz
Inspiring messages to help me reflect on my faith throughout the day? Yes, please! We need moments of hope now more than ever. Thank you, Colleen, for creating such a positive brand in the cosmetics space. A brilliant way to focus on beauty, inside and out. I just love it!
What a beautiful idea to bring to the beauty industry. Checking it out for sure. 💗
Julie Rose
Wow, so pretty! I haven’t been wearing much makeup these days, but this makes me want to put on some lip gloss and smile. Love the colors and love the inspiration!

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