Lucky Chick Founder Stephanie Miklosvary: How Art, Breast Cancer & Her Mom Influenced This Entrepreneur & Gave Her Courage by Belinda Lichty Clarke

3 years ago

Lucky Chick Founder Stephanie Miklosvary: How Art, Breast Cancer & Her Mom Influenced This Entrepreneur & Gave Her Courage

Stephanie Miklosvary has likely had many influences assist her on her road to building a successful bath and body line/makeup line, but one special person stands out: her mom. Read on to learn how and why she created Lucky Chick.

Q. What was your inspiration for the new makeup line and can you talk a little about how your first products informed moving into makeup? How did your background in art inform the line(s)?

My mother, Bonnie, who is an artist, during her successful breast cancer treatment did a series of paintings as a meditation. My brother who is also an artist had the idea and she set out on a year's worth of paintings, one a day. I have an entrepreneurial and art background and when I saw these paintings I wanted to share them with the world. The color Courage is named for my mom. I want all women to create their own masterpiece through color and this line of Lucky Chick makeup gives me this opportunity. My mom wears Courage every day.

Q. Can you expand a little on how your goal of appreciating life's indulgences and treating yourself helped in the creative process?

Lucky Chick is all about connecting for me. It gives me the opportunity every day to connect with so many different women. A thread that unites us all is rooted in the simple experiences that give us pleasure. When art, conversation, laughter and love is shared it heals pain and creates bonds. Creating the Lucky Chick color collection enables a conversation to take place with or without me there. I love when women compare notes on what makes them a Lucky Chick. So as Lucky Chick grows I look forward to connecting with as many of my customers as possible, one color at a time.

Q. What has been your biggest hurdle(s)?

Wondering what to do first each day! While I’ve always been an entrepreneur I am now launching Lucky Chick with twin 6-year-old boys. Thank goodness they love Lucky Chick and their dream is to have a store in our town.

Q. What has surprised you the most about being a beauty line founder and watching your dream grow and succeed?

I had a bath and body company before I launched Lucky Chick cosmetics. Realizing how many moving parts there are to this type of business is mind blowing and it still amazes me. From research and development, purchasing a myriad of components, selling in and selling through. So many interesting parts and doing it all in the beginning stages isn’t for the faint of heart.

Q. What's your mantra, if you have one?

If you think you’re lost you probably just haven’t gone far enough. This mantra works well when you’re driving or wondering if life has you on the right path.

Q. What advice would you give other women entrepreneurs?

To be in it for the long haul, know that each day things will come up that you could never have imagined. Be resilient, kind and know that businesses come and go but people and relationships are the glue that keeps us grounded and happy in the long run.

Q. What's next for Lucky Chick?

Lucky Chick is going to continue listening to the women who love us and create products that inspire them. We’re going to keep connecting with people who are obsessed with makeup and those who just love a touch of color for a night out on the town. Right now we’re focused on lip and eyes and we will soon be launching more fun products to create more masterpieces. We will continue to be vegan, cruelty-free, use loads of naturals and perfect our formulas to be the cleanest best products they can be.

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I love these entrepreneurial interviews. Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing, Belinda Lichty Clarke !
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