Can a Fashion Faux Pas of Yesterday Be Today's Hot Trend? 9 Fashion No-No's (Or Are They?) by Sujata Gazder

3 years ago

Can a Fashion Faux Pas of Yesterday Be Today's Hot Trend? 9 Fashion No-No's  (Or Are They?)

Fashion trends are malleable, and like socks, get changed with unerring frequency. What is in vogue now can be out in six months and hot again in a few years. Talking about socks, look at this faux pas – shorts worn with calf-length socks and sandals. Can you believe that currently dressing as a clueless tourist is making a comeback? What was a fashion statement over 40 years ago is now being strutted about on the runways. Fashion is unpredictable and fickle. And as witnessed what was a faux pas yesterday can become de rigeur today. So, let’s take a look at some of these sartorial fashion no-no's and see how they hold up to present scrutiny.

1. No Wearing White After Labor Day

You just have to look at the fall/winter collections of designers these days to see that this directive is not strictly adhered to  white coats, jackets, pants, sweaters, dresses – all proliferate the runways. Opinions differ as to how this rule came about, but what seems most plausible is that Labor Day marked the end of summer and a return to work, school and re-entry to city life. Vacationers packed away their breezy lighter summer apparel for their darker hued and heavier clothing. Whatever the reason may be, I do not feel this is something that should be followed in 2020.

2. Black and Blue Together?

Absolutely! Both colors are exceptionally flattering and pair well with anything including each other. There are a couple of points to remember when putting these two colors together to make sure your ensemble does not look like an accident. Let one item be the focus. For example, wear a navy blazer with a dress in a sharp, simple shade of black. Textures also enhance the look. By wearing a pair of black jeans with a navy linen button down, you can “zhuzh” up the look significantly. Pull out these pieces from your wardrobe and experiment.

3. Faux Fur and Leather Are Tacky

Today, with designers and their customers becoming more socially conscious and averse to hurting animals in the name of fashion, many faux and, in some cases, vegan options look exactly like the real thing.

Photo: Faux leather jacket by Mango/ Faux fur jacket by Miranda Dunne

4. Denim on Denim?

Well, to put it succinctly, this is a tricky beast! If you are a beginner at trying this, start by donning different shades of denim. Like pair a white jean with a blue denim jacket or black jeans with a chambray shirt. As you get more comfortable and are ready to wear a completely blue denim ensemble, remember not to be too matchy-matchy. The blues should not be the same wash or weight. Also, as darker denim is slimming and lighter washes draw attention to that part of the body, maybe wear darker pants and a lighter wash top. Distressed jeans alleviate the all blue denim look, too. And accessorize with great shoes and a bold lip color and you cannot go wrong.

5. Visible Panty Lines

Unless you are a superhero who wears their underwear over their tights, panty lines are a definite no-no. You don’t want this foundation garment to highjack your overall look. This happens especially with figure hugging and light-colored clothing. Wearing a thong or a seamless skin-tone panty can help rectify this situation. Make sure the fit is right and that they have the elastic power to stay in place and you will be fine. (Check out the Miel Sol Low Rise Thong or the Iris Hipster Culotte for potential help.)

6. Do Your Shoes and Bag Have to Match?

What every stylish woman knows is how to dress, how to accessorize and the art of layering. It all depends on the look you are going for. If you have the space and budget to have bags and shoes in a variety of different colors and textures, enjoy the ability to be matchy-matchy! When wearing a monochromatic ensemble it is wise to have one of your accessories in a different color. Looking to (visually) elongate your legs? Wearing nude pumps with a white dress and neutral bag is beautiful.

With prints and patterns, it is slightly different. If your shoe or bag that is patterned, identify the base color and coordinate accordingly. Build a collection of classic staples and have a couple of statement pieces. Then depending on your mood, match or be different. This no no is not a strict one.

7. Tall Women Shouldn't Wear Heels 

Huummmmph! This is not only silly but sexist. I say if you’ve got it flaunt it! Wear what you want and don’t downplay that gorgeous length. Rock it with confidence and sass. (This coming from a woman who is no more than 5 foot, 1 inch ... and a little jealous!)

8. Active Wear All Day?

The boom of the leisure wear industry is to blame for this. It is also a lot easier and more comfortable wearing clothes with a good amount of elasticity and give than having to wear regular clothes. But, unless you are actually going to workout or just done doing so, please don’t wear your gym clothes as a fashion statement, because it isn’t.

9. Crumpled Is Smooth!

In one word? NO! If your clothes have more creases and wrinkles in them than a raisin, please steam or iron them out before wearing. Looking like you just rolled out of bed is not fashionable at all, regardless of what some designers might say.

But at the end of the day, even though I just got quite vocal on some do’s and don’ts, as we all know fashion is whimsical, fickle and ever changing. There are no hard and fast rules – it’s not all black and white. Whether you are inspired by Anna Wintour or Ronald MacDonald, it is your choice. Wear it proud, wear it with sass and just be yourself.

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Such good advice! Love all your tips. Especially about being yourself! Sujata Gazder
Elisa Schmitz
Love this, Sujata Gazder ! I am all about having fun with style and not worrying too much about the "rules." And I needed this right now so I remember to not wear my yoga pants every day, haha! The quarantine fashion struggle is real! Thank you for sharing your fashion genius with us.

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