Beachwaver Co.: 3 Sisters, a Game-Changing Styling Tool & a Beachy New Hair-Care Line by Belinda Lichty Clarke

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4 years ago

Beachwaver Co.: 3 Sisters, a Game-Changing Styling Tool & a Beachy New Hair-Care Line

It’s been seven years since celebrity hairstylist Sarah Potempa introduced the Beachwaver® styling tool with her co-founder sisters, Erin Potempa-Wall and Emily Potempa. Their latest creation is the Make Waves Collection, a hair-care line of vegan, cruelty-free cleansers, conditioners and styling products with strengthening formulas for all hair types. I caught up with Sarah to talk about the newest products.

Q. What are some of the things you’re hearing from your launch tour about the products? 

"We’ve received really positive feedback! Our fans have commented that after using the Good Vibes Shampoo and Good Vibes Conditioner, their hair feels smoother, shinier and softer! Also, of course everyone is obsessed with the Bondi Beach Day fragrance – it’s such a great aroma experience and will make you feel like you’re on the beach!"

Q. Can you explain your philosophy behind the line and talk a little about your inspiration?

"As a hairdresser, I wanted to provide high-end professional products that function to improve the health, strength and beauty of your hair without all of the harmful ingredients. After an extensive two years of research and development and working directly with chemists, we created the perfect blend of formulas that function to strengthen, moisturize and improve the health of your hair, while providing flexible styling benefits.

"The Beachwaver Co. has inspired women and provided them with the tools to help them feel more confident and beautiful in their everyday lives. With a desire to formulate products that actively strengthen hair, we set out more than two years ago to create a quality, sustainable and innovative hair-care line.

"My sister, Emily, (who is our Creative Director) personally photographed the image for the entire collection! Emily and I were sitting together watching the sunset one evening, and we were talking about how beautiful the pink and purple sky looked! She photographed it and designed the artwork on each product to create a stunning beachy, skyline when you line up all of the Make Waves collection!

"Emily says, 'I find inspiration in the unique beauty of nature. There is nothing I love more than watching the sunset at the beach, as it reminds me to calmly reflect on the day. With our packaging, I wanted to convey that sense of gratitude for the present and the majesty of nature. There is beauty all around us, if we only pause to notice it. My hope is that the Make Waves packaging invokes that same sense of wonder and calm that I feel when I’m watching a gorgeous sunset.'

"I’m really proud of the hard work of our team. The community that we’ve built from the ground up believes in our mission and our goals. The journey has been challenging, but it is even more rewarding. We’ve invested our hearts, souls, time and energy into every single detail, day after day, and we know our business from the inside out. We’re proud to be a female-ran and operated business, and are so thankful for our customers who support our women-owned, self-funded business!"

Q. How does the patented Hix (Hydro + Ionic Alpha Bond Multiplier) formula work? 

"The hydrogen and ionic alpha bond multiplier penetrates the internal cortex of the hair to strengthen while you style. HiX is a patented vegan ingredient, and I wanted to ensure that there is an active level included, meaning that there is a high enough percentage in the formula so that it’s actually re-strengthening the hair. We worked with our team of chemists to develop the formulas used in the Make Wakes collection that will strengthen hair from the inside out.

Q. How did your commitment to cruelty-free, vegan ingredients factor in?

"As a female-founded and run company, we have a responsibility and an obligation to fight for equality, opportunity and sustainability. After more than two years of research and development, we are proud to provide a line of hair care that is vegan and free of negative energy, as well as cruelty-free. Additionally, all of the bottles are phthalate-free, the tubes are curbside recyclable. The Shubie Surf Beach Spray and Braid Balm are made from a zero green manufacturing process with sustainable sugar cane. The sugar cane is grown in a sustainable plot of land, and is easily broken down and biodegradable when recycled at the curb!"

Q. What are your favorite products in the new line (if you can choose!) and can we have a sneak peek into what’s coming along next? 

"I am the most excited about the Braid Balm – it’s super innovative and fun! I found my love of braiding when I was younger and would braid all of my teammates hair before games! I love creating braided red carpet looks for my celebrity clients, and I even hosted #365DaysOfBraids where I posted a picture of a new braid every day! This product does three main things: 

  1. "Preps by detangling hair before you braid to ensure a frizz-free and smooth braid.
  2. "Gives defined waves when you take out your braid.
  3. "It is a treatment that will strengthen hair for when you rinse it out! 

"It also has an incredible aroma experience, called Bondi Beach Day, which has a delicate blend of Caribbean coconut and Mexican vanilla orchids."

Q. Can you talk a little about how you integrated custom scents into the products?

"As a hairstylist, my clients always comment about how products I use smell so good and they’ll ask what scent it is! Knowing that the aroma experience is an important part of the styling process, I knew I wanted our products to have unique and tranquil scent that would make you feel like you were on vacation! The Bondi Beach Day fragrance is a delicate blend of Caribbean coconut and Mexican vanilla orchids."

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