Skin Damage: 5 Ways to Rescue Sun-Damaged Skin & Keep It Healthy by Susannah Courteau

Skin Care
4 years ago

Skin Damage: 5 Ways to Rescue Sun-Damaged Skin & Keep It Healthy

With summer ending, skin might be a bit dehydrated or suffering some sun damage. As an esthetician for 15 years, I’ve seen every mistake people make with their skin, but also seen what habits really keep skin glowing and healthy regardless of the season. Here are five tips to ensure healthy skin year round:

  • Use SPF for goodness sake. But I’m just running errands today, I’m not laying at the beach so I don’t need SPF. WRONG. It’s the little bits of sun exposure every day – not just a week at the beach – that adds up over the years and cumulate in lines, wrinkles and very distasteful looking brown spots. Using products with an SPF is an important habit to stick with and is easy when you discover a sunscreen you love. Elta MD has mineral-based sunscreen that works great on sensitive skin, but doesn’t leave a white cast you often struggle with when using a mineral formula. Layer this over your favorite face moisturizer (don’t forget your neck) or choose to double up the protection with makeup containing SPF (like a mineral powder foundation).
  • Exfoliate regularly. Use an alpha hydroxy acid like glycolic acid or lactic acid if you have dry or combination skin and beta hydroxy acid like salicylic acid of you are breakout prone or deal with more blackheads than you’d like. Retinol is also an esthetician’s first love for its ability to resurface and smooth skin texture for many skin types.
  • Get your vitamins. I’m talking about antioxidant vitamins like C, E, etc., used topically on your skin. While taking vitamin pills orally helps your internal organs, applying a good quality antioxidant serum daily under moisturizer will help skin look younger and prevent damage.
  • Moisturize according to the season. Live in Hawaii or San Diego? Good for you. Most of us don’t and therefore deal with a major swing in our environment temperature and humidity. This means we need to use a different moisturizer in the middle of summer than we need in the winter. Our clothing needs change – why wouldn’t our skin care need to adjust, too?
  • See an esthetician for seasonal facials. Esthetician’s are professionals and can get to know your skin and any challenges that come and customize your routine. They are a resource for you to become more educated on healthy skin and what ingredients your skin needs to stay fabulous and glowing!

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Elisa Schmitz
I think many of us take our skin for granted. I've been trying to get better about skin care. Thank you for sharing these great tips, Susannah Courteau !

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