Fermented Rice Water: How to Use Rice Water for Hair & Skin Care by Eden Mogese

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2 years ago

Fermented Rice Water: How to Use Rice Water for Hair & Skin Care

Did you know that fermented rice water can be used in your beauty routine? When you prepare and cook rice, save the starchy liquid you've soaked the rice in. Here's why...

  • You can use fermented rice water in place of shampoo once a week. You also can use it as your final rinse, which can serve as a leave-in treatment. Since fermented rice water is quite strong, it is recommended that you dilute 1 cup with a couple cups of distilled water.
  • The nutrients found in regular rice water are increased in its fermented state. The pH levels in the fermented rice water would have also lowered down to the same pH level as our hair's. All of these make for a nourishing treatment that may boost hair growth and seal hair cuticles, which ultimately help repair and strengthen the hair.
  • Fermented rice water is also really good for the skin. To use it, after you've washed your face with a cleanser, you can apply and rub it on the face with a cotton pad, just like you would a toner. Then proceed with a moisturizer to seal it in. You also can opt to use it as a base for a hydrating face mask.
  • Using fermented rice water as a toner may help in minimizing the size of pores as well as keeping the skin tight. You also may notice controlled sebum and overall better complexion.

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Donna John
I have never heard of this. Interesting! Going to try it. How long does the rice water need to sit before you use it? Eden Mogese
Eden Mogese
You should definitely give it a try. Also let the rice ferment for 24 hours.
Elisa Schmitz
Fascinating! Who knew?! Thank you for sharing, Eden Mogese !
Eden Mogese
you are welcome. It dose wanders give it a try.

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