Makeup Subscription Boxes: Is ipsy Worth the Money? Here's What I Think... by Lisa Mariscal

5 years ago

Makeup Subscription Boxes: Is ipsy Worth the Money? Here's What I Think...

Makeup!!! Who doesn't love makeup?! Makeup is a great tool to help us enhance our natural beauty. But, with that said, no one wants to waste money buying products they may not like. Why not try before you buy? 

There are so many different monthly subscription boxes out there and I have tried a few, but one of the only subscriptions I have stayed with is ipsy. Ipsy is a monthly beauty subscription box that runs $10 a month. Every month you receive in the mail a bag of full size and sample-size goodies (five in total). I have used 75 percent of what I have received and shared the other 25 percent with my daughter.

I have fallen in love with products and bought them as a result, and learned that some are horrible (IMO). Ipsy does a pretty good job of having you rate/review products on a star scale along with additional comments. This allows ipsy to determine what they should continue to carry and makes it possible for them to tailor your bag to your likes and dislikes. 

I receive a lot of makeup brushes and no masks, and I receive eye shadows in the colors I tagged as liking and rarely receive a bright lipstick. It is a fun monthly treat, a beautiful way to pamper yourself and a great way to try before you buy.

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Donna John
Will have to try it! Thanks for the tip!
Elisa Schmitz
Very cool! I have always wanted to try these types of boxes but haven't yet. Thanks for the reminder, Lisa Mariscal !

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