Non-Invasive Plastic Surgery: 5 Summer Beauty Tips From a Pro! by 30Seconds Beauty

Non-Invasive Plastic Surgery: 5 Summer Beauty Tips From a Pro!

Not into invasive plastic surgery procedures? Here are some summer tips straight from NYC-based Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Michelle Yagoda!

  • Nail the "No-Makeup" Makeup Look: Gorgeous lashes without the flaking and clumping of mascara is made possible by Latisse, which contains an FDA-approved pharmaceutical prostaglandin analogue named Bimatoprost that has been scientifically proven to grow longer and darker lashes.
  • A Lip Look That Won’t Melt in the Heat: Get fuller and more sensuous lips with injectable fillers. Absolutely no downtime and instant results (although there can be temporary swelling or bruising). Don’t like the results? No problem – we can always blast away the filler with an injection to reverse the effects.
  • Keep Your Tan Lines and Get Rid of Your Fine Lines: To minimize fine lines, use a topical intensive hyaluronic acid, without the sun sensitivity of retinoids and glycolics.
  • Skip the Highlighter and Glow From Within With Ingestibles: For mega-hydration and an ultra-dewy glow, mix an ingestible hyaluronic acid with collagen and essential lipids into your daily routine.
  • Sun Care for More Than UV Rays: Use a powerhouse oil-free, broad-spectrum sunblock with niacinamide for rosacea, acne and broken capillaries. My personal favorite is Elta MD UV Clear.

Learn more about Dr. Michelle Yagoda.

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