A Glow From Glycerin: 3 Ways to Use Glycerin in Your Skin-Care Routine! by Syed Rahman

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6 years ago

A Glow From Glycerin: 3 Ways to Use Glycerin in Your Skin-Care Routine!

Glycerin is an odorless liquid derived from animal fat or vegetable oils. For me, it is unparalleled for skin care, and it suits all types of skin. As a skin-care element, glycerin has multiple uses. Besides softening wrinkles and itchy feet, it makes the skin bright. It can also be used as cleanser and toner. Here are some ways to use glycerin:

  • As a cleanser: Lemon juice can be mixed with glycerin to be used as a cleanser. It cleans the skin naturally.
  • As a moisturizer: Glycerin works beautifully as a moisturizer. Apply glycerin to the skin before going to sleep at night. The next day you'll wake up to softer skin. 
  • As a toner: Mix up some glycerin and rose water in a spray bottle. At the beginning of the day spray this mixture onto your skin.

Read more about glycerin in skin care via Livestrong.

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