Busy Mom, Don't Let Your Style Suffer: Here Are 5 of My Beauty Secrets by Kim Kusiciel

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7 years ago

Busy Mom, Don't Let Your Style Suffer: Here Are 5 of My Beauty Secrets

A busy mom needs a simple, yet beautiful, style. Here are my top five tips:

  • Dry Shampoo: There is no shame in using this must-have, time-saving product.
  • Lip Gloss: Use a barely there shade so that you can just smear it on and go.
  • Fresh-Scented Body Spray: Have some fun and try a light scent to match the season.

Keep a set of these products in your beauty bag at home and throw a second set in your bag-of-the-moment so you're able to refresh your look. Nobody needs to know that it took you less than five minutes to look fabulous.

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Dry Shampoo $4 - $28
Lip Gloss $2 - $20
Mascara $2 - $20
Body Spray $5 - $15
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Elisa Schmitz
Ha, I love this! Every mom needs style secrets like these in her back pocket (or purse). Thank you Kim Kusiciel!
Kim Kusiciel
It's all about the dry shampoo some mornings!!!
Kaila Weingarten
Yup, love dry shampoo!
Teresa Deck
These are perfect who knew they'd come out with shampoo that is sprayed from a bottle no water necessary and no one will ever know our beauty gods love us keep this in ur purse at all times mom's you never known when you'll need it
Looking forward to trying this when i return to Chicago!

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