Want to Update Your Wardrobe Without Spending Lots of Money? Try This! by Jan Mostrom

6 years ago

Want to Update Your Wardrobe Without Spending Lots of Money? Try This!

Sometimes as I approach a new season, I just want a little update on my usual wardrobe. The easiest and least expensive way I’ve found is to add a beautiful scarf around my neck. I love the multi-colored and lightweight scarves. My best and most recent purchase was at an outdoor market where I bought three for under $15! 

The discount stores have plenty to choose from, but try them before you buy. If they are too stiff, they don’t lay right around the neck. Too long or too short can be a problem as well. A scarf changes even the most basic tee and blazer into a beautiful, finished outfit.

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Scarves $5 & Up
Elisa Schmitz
Yes, this works for me, too! Jan Mostrom
Thanks for the reminder about the fun and versatility of scarves. Thrift stores have many scarves to choose from, and sometimes I find beautiful vintage scarves. I love them!
Jan Mostrom
Lynne39 I have some of my mom's scarves! Thanks for the reminder to use them!
Oh, that's a good point! Me too. I love my mom's scarves! :)

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