No White After Labor Day? Come On! 4 Ways to Wear It Well! by Sujata Gazder

a year ago
No White After Labor Day? Come On! 4 Ways to Wear It Well!

If you're a traditionalist you are probably getting those whites in your closet ready for a long nap. But as it turns out this fashion faux pas of wearing white after Labor Day is no longer so defined. According to Emily Post, back in the day, the signal to mark the change between summer resort clothes and those worn for the rest of the year was summarized by the mandate, “No white after Labor Day.” But we live in an age of relaxed rules and warmer days that extend well past the calendar definition of fall. Stylist Robert Verdi offers these tips on how to wear white well past Labor Day!

  • a white blazer with a black or gray turtleneck and skinny jeans
  • a white belt with neutral-colored bottoms and a colorful top
  • white or cream tops
  • white pants in a fall fabric

It's time to rethink white!

Kelli Schulte
thanks for this....I was actually a little sad when I tossed my white pants into the laundry basket this weekend. :)
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
Love this tip! It always seemed so silly to me to stop wearing white after Labor Day. Thanks for extending my wardrobe shelf life, Sujata Gazder! xo

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