If You Want Glowing Healthy Skin, You Need to Do This When You Wash Your Face... by Kirsten Jacob

Skin Care
6 years ago
If You Want Glowing Healthy Skin, You Need to Do This When You Wash Your Face...

Exfoliation is the secret to instantly glowing skin! Removing the dead surface cells that have flaked off but are still sitting on top of skin can make it look duller and more uneven than it is. The solution: get those old cells off so the newer, healthier skin shines through! You can do this daily without even trying by giving your face a little extra "scrub" with a washcloth whenever you wash it; not hard, just enough to get a little rosy glow going.

For a more intense weekly treatment try exfoliating grains – or even table sugar – mixed with a creamy cleanser. You can scrub your face and neck gently for 20 seconds or so and then rinse and moisturize. And once or twice a month, a gentle mask with lactic acid and/or oatmeal will keep your exfoliation routine pristine!

I need to start doing this!
Kirsten Jacob
It makes such a difference! Effortless glow...!
Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
What a great suggestion, especially right now, when so many of us are dealing with "maskne!" I'm going to try this. Thanks for the tip, Kirsten Jacob ! Donna John

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