Gaining the likes on your own can take months before you get the results. It doesn’t mean you should only buy them. Of course, pay attention to your content, your brand and your engagement with the audience. But if you add the marketing promotion or buy Instagram likes from time to time, your profile will become higher in the ratings and more people will see your posts when they have many likes. Combining organic likes and the bought ones will more your profile quicker to the recommended section, which in turn will help you gain a success.
Instagram is not only another social network for communication, but also a great target audience for business. The ranking of a publication directly depends on its popularity, i.e. the number of likes. How to attract interest in the publication?
A quality publication should have an interesting headline. On the basis of the title a person decides whether to read the whole publication or just skim through it. At the same time, the headline should correspond to the content and not be clickbait. Instagram does not moderate headlines, but there is no point in knowingly deceiving readers.
The time of photos taken ""on the run"" with a Chinese smartphone is a thing of the past. Only professional photos with skillful processing will arouse interest. Programs and applications for processing will not make your picture perfect, but will significantly improve its quality. Marketers advise to treat photos for Instagram as works of art - only in this way they will become popular. If you want, you can experiment with collages, and all of its elements must be competent and of high quality.
If you've taken up promoting your business on social media, Instagram probably isn't the only platform you use. As soon as you publish a new post on Instagram, immediately share it on other social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. In other words, practice cross-posting. The main rule is to give people a reason to go to Instagram, not just to like it on another social network.
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